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Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging Solutions
Blistering Packaging Services
Blistering Packaging

For Your Next Blistering Project, Choose Reed-Lane

We can not only achieve any design or look to meet your specific blistering needs, we can also offer new improvements in thermoform packaging.

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Our Packaging Capabilities

A Better Way
To Package

At Reed-Lane, your pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging projects benefit from our extensive industry expertise, our wide range of equipment, and our FDA-inspected production facility. We offer only the highest quality packaging to our customers.

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Our Bottle Filling Services
Offering Solid Dose Packaging

The Bottling Solution To Your Solid Dose Packaging Needs

Our customers are provided with pharmaceutical bottling at the highest level of quality, regardless of run size. Our integrated high-speed bottling lines, integrated with labeling and in-line cartoning, allow us to complete package orders faster than ever.

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Pharmaceutical Packaging Experience
We Are Contract Packaging Experts

Reed-Lane Difference

Our experience in the packaging industry spans over 50 years, giving us a deep knowledge base to draw upon when carrying your projects. Our employees have been with us for far longer than the industry average, and possess an in-depth familiarity with every aspect of the packaging process.

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Pouching Services
Pouch Packaging Services

Over Fifty Years Of Pouching Experience

Reed-Lane’s Wrapade pouching machine provides cost-effective pouching for large runs of tablets, capsules and liquid gels. The Wrapade also handles a variety of pouch materials and produces a CR notch, laser print lot, and expiry information.

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Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging
Packaging Teamwork

Our People.
Your Package.

Reed-Lane’s team-focused culture starts at the top of the organization and extends all the way down to the production floor. Teamwork is our top priority, and this open communication between our management and production teams leads to greater productivity and efficiency.

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We Supply Convenience Vials
Solid Dose Contact Packaging

Your Convenience Packs Just Got More Convenient

In addition to filling vials on our high speed fillers, Reed-Lane also offers several secondary packaging options like blister carding or packaging into an on-counter convenience rack pack.

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Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging
Personal Attention with Contract Packaging Services

Service On Your Terms

As your packaging partner, we work closely with you to ensure the success of your project. Our executive and management teams are available to meet with you at any time. to provide answers, give updates on projects, and discuss any new projects and concepts.

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Pharmaceutical Compliance Packaging
Compliance Packaging Services

Powerful Solutions To Improve Patient Compliance

Reed-Lane’s compliance packaging offerings include blister packaging, wallet packaging with calendar features, all designed to keep patients on-schedule with their medication.

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Pharmaceutical Packaging Quality Assurance
Highest Packaging Quality Standards

You Can Count On

Our highest priority is the quality of your projects. That’s why our quality assurance teams work so hard to improve our processes, our equipment, and our workforce. Reed-Lane is committed to ensuring that our packaging solutions comply with all applicable quality standards.

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Packaging Solutions Together