As domestic and international track and trace mandates take effect, serialization continues to be among the pharmaceutical industries’ most talked-about topics.

We can provide serialization services from the item level through full pallet aggregation for bottles and cartons. Our serialization partners are Optel Vision and TraceLink.

Variety of Options

Our dedicated Serialization Suite features a premium Optel Vision TrackSafe™ system providing track-and-trace services down to the single-item (unit) level, through full pallet aggregation, and allows our customers to manage transmission and storage of serialized data.

The suite’s flexible line configuration makes possible a wide range of serialization options, including:

  • Individual cartons
  • Aggregate cartons to cases
  • Aggregate cartons to bundles
  • Aggregate bundles to cases
  • Aggregate cases to pallets
  • Rework of previously serialized items, per customer needs

In 2017, Reed-Lane will have validated two bottle lines that will be utilizing the Optel system to serialize bottles at the unit level. Both lines will be integrated with TraceLink to manage and transmit serialized data with our customers and trading partners.

Reed-Lane’s Serialization Suite comprises the following stations:

Carton Tracker Pharmaproof Station

Incorporating a VideoJet Wolke M600 Dual Head Printer for applying serialized data directly to cartons, and an Optel High-Resolution Commissioning Camera for carton-level serialization.

Bundle Aggregation Pharmaproof Station

Aggregates serialized cartons within bundles utilizing two high-resolution commissioning cameras from Optel Vision. Here, serialized labels are applied with a Domino M-Series Print & Apply Labeler and commissioned with an Optel High Resolution Camera.

Case Aggregation Pharmaproof Station

Serialized cartons or bundles are aggregated within a case using an Optel Ultra High Resolution 15.8 Mega-Pixel Camera installed on a 3M Case Sealer. Serialized case labels are applied with a Domino M-Series Print & Apply Labeler and commissioned with an Optel High Resolution Camera.

Line Master / Pallet Aggregation Station

Aggregates cases to pallets via a serialized pallet label printed from a Zebra ZM400 Printer and commissioned with a Datalogic Magellan 1100i Table Top Scanner. A Datalogic PowerScan M8500 Hand Held Scanner is available for commissioning and decommissioning items as needed.

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